Dr. Smile Chang Introduces Innovative CHIVA Technique at COSECSA Conference

In a significant development in the African medical field, Dr. Smile Chang, founder of Dr. Smile Medical Group, made a notable appearance at the annual conference of the College of Surgeons of East, Central, and Southern Africa (COSECSA). Representing Ethiopia’s top private hospital, Silk Road General Hospital, along with Dr. Smile Vein Center in Africa, Dr. Chang introduced the groundbreaking CHIVA (Conservative Hemodynamic Management of Varicose Veins) treatment concept to the African medical community.

COSECSA, a key organization in African healthcare, is dedicated to improving surgical standards across East, Central, and Southern Africa, with a particular focus on training surgeons and enhancing the quality of medical services. The organization plays a central role in increasing the number of skilled surgical professionals and elevating overall medical standards through its structured surgical training programs. COSECSA’s efforts in enhancing the accessibility of surgical services and establishing international partnerships in the region are pivotal.

At this internationally influential platform, Dr. Chang brought the innovative CHIVA technique to the African surgical community, garnering widespread attention among the delegates. This revolutionary approach to venous disease treatment is not just technologically transformative but also holds immense potential for application within the African medical system. Particularly in contexts where artificial veins are scarce, the value of preserving the great saphenous vein becomes especially significant.

Dr. Chang’s participation in the COSECSA conference not only showcased Dr. Smile Medical Group’s commitment to international medical cooperation but also spread the advanced CHIVA treatment concept to a broader audience of African medical professionals.

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