European Vascular Surgery Highlights: Masterclass ABFL – A New Approach to Venous Insufficiency

The field of phlebology is set to take a significant step forward with an upcoming virtual meeting, the Masterclass ABFL – The Hemodynamic Approach to Venous Insufficiency. Scheduled for the 28th of March at 7:30 pm (Brasília time), this event is a must-attend for those seeking to deepen their knowledge in modern phlebology.
For the past century, the treatment of varicose veins has primarily focused on the destruction of saphenous veins. However, this approach has shown its limitations, with recurrences occurring regardless of the technique used to destroy these veins.
Dr. Angelo Scuderi, a veteran in the field of phlebology with nearly fifty years of experience, has openly shared his shift in perspective on the treatment of “varicose disease”. His encounter with Dr. Claude Franceschi and his theories on venous hemodynamics has significantly influenced this change.
In the upcoming webinar, attendees will have the unique opportunity to learn from Prof Claude Franceschi himself. He will delve into the intricacies of venous hemodynamics and his CHIVA technique, providing valuable insights for professionals in the field.
This event, hosted by Dr. Angelo Scuderi, President of the Brazilian Association of Phlebology and Lymphology and Past President and Emmeritus President of “Union Internationale de Phlebologie (UIP)”, promises to be a significant milestone in the evolution of phlebology.
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