Franceschi Academic Salon (FAS) Held at Dr. Smile Vein Center Jinan, China

On April 20, 2024, the Dr. Smile Vein Center Jinan hosted the Franceschi Academic Salon (FAS). The first session was themed “The Past, Present, and Future of CHIVA.” Numerous domestic and international experts and scholars in the field of venous diseases attended the event.

Professor Jinxing, a renowned vascular surgeon and pioneer in Shandong Province, was specially invited to attend and deliver a speech. Distinguished figures such as Professor Claude Franceschi from France, the pioneer of ultrasonic hemodynamics and founder of the CHIVA technique; Professor Roberto Delfrate from Italy, a leading figure in CHIVA; Professor Erika Mendoza, Secretary-General of the German Society of Phlebology; Dr. Smile Chang, founder of Dr. Smile Medical Group; Dr. Du Xin, General Secretary of the Phlebology Specialty Committee of the Chinese Aging Well Association; Dr. Deng Jianping, head of the Dr. Smile Vein Center Shenzhen; and Dr. Su Lei, head of the Dr. Smile Vein Center Jinan, shared their experiences and insights on treating varicose veins using the CHIVA method. Experts from various regions participated in a roundtable discussion, passionately debating future developments in the diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins.

Notably, the salon also featured the inauguration ceremony of the “Claude Franceschi Academic Hall” located within the Dr. Smile Vein Center Jinan. Named after Professor Claude Franceschi, the hall symbolizes a commitment to advancing medical technology and innovation. Professor Franceschi joined via live link to witness the unveiling of this historic moment. The hall will serve as a venue for related seminars and training, providing an important platform for advancing medical research and development in varicose veins.

The Franceschi Academic Salon will continue to be held regularly, serving not only as a new bridge for the exchange of varicose vein treatments in Shandong Province and surrounding areas but also as a facilitator of global cooperation and knowledge sharing in this field, offering high-quality medical services to patients with varicose veins.

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