Why CHIVA Offers a Better Cosmetic Solution

When comparing CHIVA (Conservative Hemodynamic Management of Varicose Veins) treatment to endovenous thermal ablation surgery (such as laser or radiofrequency ablation) in terms of improving the appearance of patients’ legs, several advantages of CHIVA treatment can be considered from different perspectives:

Less Traumatic

CHIVA Treatment: Utilizes a more conservative approach by precisely locating EP points and making small incisions to preserve the veins, aiming to treat varicose veins by restoring the direction of blood flow, thereby reducing incisions and scarring.

Endovenous Thermal Ablation Surgery: Applies heat energy directly to the veins through an ablation tool to close them. Although this is a minimally invasive surgery, it involves destroying the veins with heat energy, which might be slightly more traumatic in comparison.

Recovery Time

CHIVA Treatment: Due to the smaller trauma, patients typically experience a shorter recovery time, meaning patients can return to daily life and activities more quickly, and the improvement in appearance can be seen faster.

Endovenous Thermal Ablation Surgery: Might present postoperative effects such as hematoma, pigmentation, or edema due to local heat damage, which could slow down the appearance recovery process.

Scarring and Pigmentation

CHIVA Treatment: As it involves small incisions and aims to preserve the veins as much as possible, the risk of postoperative scarring and pigmentation is lower. This is an important advantage for patients concerned about aesthetics.

Endovenous Thermal Ablation Surgery: Although it involves entry through a small hole, the heat damage during the treatment process may cause short-term or long-term skin pigmentation issues.

Long-term Aesthetic Effects

CHIVA Treatment: By improving hemodynamics, it reduces the chance of varicose veins recurrence, thus maintaining a longer-lasting aesthetic effect.

Endovenous Thermal Ablation Surgery: Although the short-term effects are significant, if the underlying issue of venous reflux is not addressed, the possibility of recurrence still exists.

Individualized Treatment

CHIVA Treatment: Offers more individualized treatment plans, allowing adjustment of the treatment plan according to the specific situation of the patient for optimal improvement in appearance and function.

Endovenous Thermal Ablation Surgery: While adjustments can also be made based on the patient’s condition, the treatment means are relatively singular, which may not be suitable for all types of varicose vein patients.

In summary, CHIVA treatment offers a treatment option for patient appearance improvement that is comparatively less traumatic, with quicker recovery, fewer scars, and a higher degree of individualization. However, the most suitable treatment method should be determined by a professional medical team based on the patient’s specific situation and needs. When choosing a treatment method, it is important to consider the effectiveness, safety, recovery time, long-term effects, and the patient’s personal preferences comprehensively.

Although aesthetic improvement is an important factor for many patients in choosing treatment, the benefits of treatment for health should not be overlooked, including symptom relief, improved blood circulation, and prevention of complications. Considering these factors, patients and doctors can make the most beneficial decisions for the patient’s health and appearance together.

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