World’s First Diagnosis and Treatment of an Exceptionally Rare Anatomic Deviation – Transmuscular Saphenous Trunk with Varicose Veins


This article meticulously details Dr. Smile Medical Group’s pioneering diagnostic and therapeutic approach in managing an unprecedented case of lower limb varicose veins caused by an extremely rare anatomic deviation – transmuscular saphenous trunk. Traditional stripping or ablation techniques in such cases may lead to intramuscular hematoma or severe pain. The study showcases how advanced hemodynamic evaluation and tailored minimally invasive surgical tactics successfully addressed the patient’s clinical manifestations, providing novel insights for treating similar rare occurrences.

Patient Background

Mr. Wang, a 56-year-old male from Shanxi, China, experienced persistent lower limb varicose veins despite prior medicinal treatments. Seeking superior methodologies, he turned to Dr. Smile Medical Group after researching their innovative approach to treatment.

Diagnostic Process

Dr. Xin Du identified an unusual condition in Mr. Wang’s lower limbs, with severe dilation and reflux in the intramuscular veins, indicating a deep venous system anomaly. This discovery significantly influenced the treatment strategy and risk assessment.

Remote Consultation and Treatment Plan

Chief Expert Dr. Smile Chang collaborated with Dr. Du to devise an innovative therapeutic strategy. Their goal was to redirect the primary source of venous reflux, reinstating venous drainage order, and alleviating venous system pressure, thus mitigating the risk of complications.

Treatment Implementation

The adopted regimen, customized for Mr. Wang’s unique venous anomalies, eschewed conventional surgical approaches. The minimally invasive intervention facilitated rapid postoperative recovery, immediate mobility, and a prompt return home.

Results and Discussion

Mr. Wang experienced significant symptomatic relief, marked enhancement in life quality, and no serious complications, showcasing Dr. Smile Medical Group’s expertise in diagnosing and treating rare varicose vein cases.


Mr. Wang’s case sets a new precedent for treating rare and complex varicose veins through expert hemodynamic assessments, collaborative efforts of a vascular surgery expert team, and individualized minimally invasive therapeutic strategies.

Future Research Directions

Subsequent studies will delve into advancements in hemodynamic assessment technologies, compare the efficacy of different therapeutic approaches, and assess the impact of long-term follow-up on enhancing patient quality of life, fostering innovation in treating rare varicose vein cases.

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